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"As Brian's captain, I never had second thoughts on his decisions, advice, and results. I hope you can understand the significance of your son's work here in Afghanistan. Brian's job was not to take lives. His job was to preserve life…. Since the tragic loss of your son; soldiers, strangers to me have approached me and thanked me for the work Brian did. They owe your son for making this place a lot less dangerous and keeping them out of harms way."
(Captain Keith Nelson, Commander, 710th EOD)

"Brian was a natural leader with an easy charm that instilled confidence in all around him. I have had the fortune to work with precious few men like Brian in my 20 years of service to our country. He was the best of the best."
(Kevin Albritton, First Sergent, 710th EOD)

"Brian exemplified, in my mind, the ideal soldier. Specifically, Brian's strengths were in several areas: Strong moral and ethical values; Strong physical strength; Strong intellect; Strong compassion for others. Brian fluidly moved between two roles that cause many soldiers problems-the role of the leader and the role of the follower. Brian quickly and easily recognized which was required of him in a given situation and then he responded accordingly."
(Jeffery Haverty; Former commander, 710th EOD)

"We had a rocket attack on our safe house just a few days prior to Brian's death. Brian's immediate and selfless actions that night probably saved many of the other soldiers here in the compound. He acted immediately and without concern for his own safety to disarm one of the rockets that had not yet gone off. Even with the potential for booby traps or an ambush, Brian acted without hesitation."
(Major Jeffery Cercy, Commander, B Co 2/19th Special Forces Group, Airborne)

"Our country and The Army honor both Brian's service and the tremendous sacrifice that you have placed on the altar of freedom."
(Eric K. Shinseki; General, United States Army Chief of Staff)

"I am so incredibly sorry and forever saddened by his death. I truly can't describe to you what a beautiful person I found Brian to be. He was so competent, but what I loved about him was his honesty and his soft-spokenness. He let his silent comportment and deep faith speak for him, instead of his words. This is such a rare quality in young people these days." (Kandahar hospital takeover, January 2002) "I am absolutely convinced that if it wasn't for Brian's consummate professionalism; by doing his job exactly the way he was trained, we would have lost at least six of our soldiers that day."
(Major Chris Miller, Commander, Special Forces Group)

"Brian was so much more than my brother, he was my best friend, but I thank God for the memories…. Brian died doing the job he loved, serving the country he loved. Brian truly is an American hero. Brian, you're my hero."
(Elaine Hurtado, Brian's sister)

"Brian laid down his life for his friends, for his country, for our freedom and for the people in Afghanistan he didn't even know."
(Arthur Craig, Brian's father)

"Brian was a straight-laced achiever. He could have done anything he wanted. This was his calling."
(Kevin Craig, Brian's brother)

"He saw it as his duty. It was very important to him to be where he needed to be."
(Barbara Craig, Brian's mother)